Whether you have a high deductible plan or no insurance at all, the Oklahoma Kidney Stone Center provides a lower-cost alternative for quality healthcare. Our cash prices are inclusive to the facility only. Our Physician and Anesthesia providers make every effort to ensure their professional services meet your financial restraints and healthcare needs at the same time. The team at OKSC will make every effort to ensure your care is affordable.

Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, making it almost impossible to afford a major surgery or unexpected event. Procedures at a traditional Hospital setting can reach thousands of dollars without any transparent knowledge of what to expect beforehand. The OKSC makes every effort to ensure your costs are upfront and clearly communicated. If you have any questions regarding a specific procedure or costs, please contact us for more information. Financial hardship is available and met on a case by case basis depending upon circumstances and income.

OKSC Cash Pay

Our cash pricing model is designed for OKSC patients who have either no insurance or insurance with high deductibles.

  • $ 4,500 for Lithotripsy
  • $ 4,150 for Holmium Laser and stone basket retrieval
  • $ 6,500 for Lithotripsy/Holmium Laser and stone basket retrieval
  • $ 3,200 for a Ureteroscopy
  • $ 3,400 for a Ureteroscopy with stone basket
  • $ 1,100 for a Vasectomy
  • $ 1,100 for a Circumcision
  • $ 200 for a Retrograde Pyeloscopy (RGP) as an add-on

Please contact us for more details on our cash pricing.